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Welcome to Drone Works, Inc.

Drone Works Inc. (DWI) is an advanced Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) designer and manufacturer in the aerospace industry.
With its Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) systems, Drone Works provides turnkey solutions to military and government agencies and commercial applications around the world.

In an effort to gain a market advantage with little competition in this lucrative UAS niche, Drone Works announces a new design:

- Our Revolutionary VTOL Technology in a Ducted Fan UAS -

Below are just a few examples of possible applications with Drone Works' UAS's

•  Aerial Surveillance
•  Aerial Photography and Videography
•  Aerial Delivery Systems for Environmental Compliance
•  Geological Survey
•  Traffic Accident Analysis
•  Search and Rescue Operations
•  Natural and Human Disaster Monitoring
•  Construction Documentation
•  Border Surveillance
•  Power Line, Wind Turbine, Bridge and Pipeline Inspections
•  Law Enforcement Support Operations

The counter rotating rotors are completely enclosed, offering a myriad of possible solutions as an unmanned VTOL robotic delivery system. The new-ducted fan technology will replace the current state of the art systems in service with government agencies worldwide and will be leased on a contractual basis to municipal and state government agencies.

Drone Works Introduces Operational & Pedestrian Proximity

Drone Works's Ducted Fan technology and counter rotating rotors are completely enclosed in a shell that allows for close and safe operational proximity to pedestrian bystanders, trees, buildings, bridges, traffic and other infrastructure.

The increased safety advantage of having no exposed rotors, brings a whole new era to remote controlled UAS's in close inner space operation that provide stable VTOL delivery platforms for remote controlled robotics.




Here is an example what you can achieve with an UAV and a camera (credits:Eric Sterman)

Upcoming Shows, Conferences and Exhibits:

UAV World Conference, November 5, 2013, Germany

AUVSI's Unmanned Systems Europe 2013, October 15, 2013, Germany
AUVSI's Unmanned Systems Show; August 12, 2013, Washington DC
UAS Action Summit; May 30, 2013, Grand Forks
IDEX Exhibition; February 17, 2013 Abu Dhabi

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. : News

July 2013

FAA Moves Slowly To Introduce UAS to Civil Airspace
March 2013

FAA halts man's drone photography business over regulations
December 2012

The FAA has achieved the first unmanned aircraft systems milestone included in the 2012 FAA reauthorization
October 2012

Drone Works launched the first test flight of the "DW51" Ducted Fan UAV VTOL
September 2012

Drone Works is looking for investors!
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June, 2012

Drone Works, Inc becomes a registered Corporation in Wyoming.




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