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  Geological Research

We can provide Aerial Imagery & Data collection technologies to geological survey companies in search of natural resources in the Mining of minerals, gemstones, precious metals and natural gas & oil industries.

Drone Works is not only a Green Technology provider with "Small footprint" aerial non-disruptive technologies, but the benefits that we provide by increased accuracy can track resources better and safeguard against wasteful miscalculations and environmental destruction.

Drone Works provides GPS remote controlled imagery technology that has the ability to track satellite positions with large scale area seismic imagery ground sweeps as well as hovering in one place and tracking the topographical features while descending and offering real time views of seismic, optical, infrared and photographic onboard cameras for inspection of ground and structural makeup.

This capability, while locking on an exact position provides the collection of extremely valuable information with undisputable imagery resolution improvements. The ability to provide a focused detailing of ground stratification characteristics of fault lines around cliffs and ridges provide an enhanced 3-Dimensional model that far surpasses the predictive accuracy that can be obtained from any fixed wing survey.

Mining Green With Technology

By determining the precise GPS locations of mines, oil & gas deposits as well as bridges and infrastructure and their relationship to ground water characteristics, we can minimize the traditionally poisonous and toxic environmental threats poised by the mining and oil industries.

Critical analysis cannot be made in difficult to reach areas without aerial topography and seismic imagery data from a VTOL vertical takeoff and landing UAV unmanned air vehicle that can hover in one place with the ability to identify precise 3D details with GPS pin point accuracy of location and depth in cliffs and valleys.

Knowledge, combined with our commitment to Green innovative technologies, is our competitive edge. In-depth process and industry knowledge, and a zeal for cutting the technological edge will make us a strategic partner that brings real value to your geological, mining or Oil & Gas business as a responsible caretaker and environmental health as a value added benefit to the customer's business.

Data Will Dominate

The confluence of expanding data bandwidth in mine communications, microprocessor-based equipment monitoring and control, and precise satellite-based location and tracking capabilities will ultimately affect the level of control individual operators have over their equipment, as well as the impact each operator can have on day-to-day implementation of the overall mining plan. In some cases, new technology will empower operators to make informed, on-the-spot decisions that benefit the overall mining effort. In others, technology will limit the damage that a careless or novice operator can cause.

Why Trends Suggest Geo Logic’s Green Technology will Succeed

In the coming years, UAVs will become even more essential elements in the overall operating and maintenance strategies.

In addition, UAV VTOL technology has found its way into almost every aspect of monitoring and control. Users can oversee system status and solve problems involving everything from incoming intruders and theft to the improvement of operational efficiencies and the accuracy of critical decision making data that could mean the discovery of a new diamond find or preventing an environmental catastrophe.

Sustained life on planet earth depends on individuals and companies contributing to environmental sustainability above and beyond what is legally required of them.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions and see if we can be of service to you. Drone Works provides aerial solutions for your business. We can help you grow your geological, survey, mineral production, keep your EPA compliance and increase your business revenue streams.

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